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Carolyn Eckman

Hi, I'm Carolyn!  It's nice to meet you!  


I'm a wife, mother of two, and the owner of Rebirth Business Consulting.

I started this business because I believe that the unique gifts, talents, and abilities that womxn possess are desperately needed in our communities and that, unfortunately, they are lacking.  Womxn easily fall into a trap after caring for their families and loved ones or after serving others, and they end up feeling that it's either too hard, too costly, or too late to chase after their life's purpose, build their own business, or follow their dreams.

At least that felt true for me.  After working hard to fit into the corporate shoebox for over 13 years, providing outstanding support for business owners who never learned my name or recognized my face, I became a wife and mother and suddenly the trade-offs no longer felt worthwhile.  

With a lot of encouragement from a friend (who became my very first client), I decided to take a chance on myself and build the business I'd always longed for but had never dreamed of.  At the time, I had no idea what I would do, how my business would look, or if I would succeed, but what I did know was that there was more for me outside of that box.

I began to invest my time and skills into building my dream, and with a few months of hard work, very little financial investment, and lots of determination, I was able to quit my job and take the leap into full-time entrepreneurship.

Today I have the privilege of serving amazing, passionate, and inspiring womxn every day by using my innate skills, talents, and abilities to work the way I work best...and I get to have fun doing it!  I feel a lightness and freedom that allows me to take better care of myself so that I can show up for my clients, my family, and my community in more impactful ways.

Since starting Rebirth Business Consulting, I have also taken ownership of FIT4MOM Santa Cruz which brings fitness classes and programs to mamas* in all stages of motherhood and also started Fun.For.Nails as a Color Street Independent Stylist bringing a little more sparkle and self-care to my clients. 


Following my passions has led me to more opportunities for success, happiness, community, and ease and I know it can do the same for you.

This is what the world needs more of, and I believe it starts with us.

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Founder of Rebirth Business Consulting, 2018

12+ years in management positions in Santa Cruz, CA - leading teams, conducting trainings, creating systems, writing policies, publishing guides and reports, performing marketing tasks, customer service, communications, executive-level administrative support, technical support, and emotional support and partnership for staff members, colleagues, and friends.

ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Self-Employed, 2013-2017

BA in Economics, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2008



Success Stories


Aaron Bartlett

Professional Organizer

It’s such a treat working with Carolyn. She brings certainty, calm and ease to all the administrative aspects of running a business. She has helped in innumerable ways to simplify and the many tasks that sometimes seemed overwhelming and distracting and kept me from doing the work I love. She’s easy to work with and very pleasant company. I highly recommend hiring Carolyn for any administrative tasks, web design or technical support you might require. She will make all the difference!


Dakota She'haman

Nutritional Therapist

Carolyn picked up the scattered pieces of my preexisting website and quickly crafted it into an elaborate work of art. She goes above and beyond, to serve her clients and bring their vision to life, with lots of opportunity for learning along the way. Thank you Carolyn!! I could not have asked for more.

Birth Trauma Jess.jpg

Jessica Sorci


Carolyn is super bright, quick, intuitive and conscientious. She has integrity and heart. I feel so grateful to have her in the wings supporting me as I venture into new territory.

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CJ Russell

Voiceover Artist

Tech Savvy. Patient. Creative.  Carolyn embodies these oh so important qualities, and thank goodness she does!  I needed to have a significant web presence to start my voice over career, but technology is not my friend.  Not to mention - START A BUSINESS?!  Carolyn was recommended to me and perhaps even heaven sent.  She was so patient with me as we covered all the places my name and face needed to show up, created those sites and then worked collaboratively with me to refine them as I provided feedback.  Her knowledge and abilities are stellar and no matter how many times I asked a question she responded with a calm, generous smile and helped me right away.  I can not recommend her enough!  Please let her save the day! I think it's her specialty.


Linda Crouse

DNA-Based Nutrition

Carolyn Eckman has been a lifesaver! Several years ago I had a serious spinal injury. I had my hands full running my business. Thousands of unread emails, networking sites that had grown dormant, passwords forgotten, I was in overwhelm.  Then I met Carolyn. As a consultant she has been fantastic.   She also has a wonderful sense of humor and a can-do attitude.



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